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SKECHERS GOwalk are the eye-catching loafer which are one of the most lightweight outdoor wearing shoes you will ever own. These loafers have been made from the top notch materials with SKECHERS best built quality to deliver you long lasting and durable product. The modern technologies and premium materials make these shoes very comfortable and lightweight at the same time. The upper of these shoes has been made form the synthetic material and fabric. The fabric offers softness and breathability while the synthetic material keeps the upper strong and durable. The upper of these shoes has slip on silhouette which makes them easier to wear and take off. The interior has been lined with the fabric which keeps the surroundings of the interior plush soft to deliver you premium instep feeling. The lining draws off the moisture from your feet and it ensure healthy, dry and fresh wearing. The lining also prevents irritation and bruises to ensure easy and comfortable barefoot wearing. These shoes have GOimpulse sensors which have been strategical placed to provide independent and together movement and deliver your brain with the sensory response. These shoes have been designed to deliver efficient and natural stride to make your ride more comfortable and responsive. The 360 Degree Responsive Flexibility technology allows the whole shoe to move perfectly with your feet to ensure natural and neutral footwork. These shoes have OrthoLite insole which has been engineered to maintain bacteria free and odorless interior environment. This insole also contours as per the shape of your feet to ensure customized fit. The insole deliver luxurious comfort with each step so you can keep on moving forward. The outsole of these shoes has been made from the flexible and lightweight material. The outsole offers premium durability to ensure long term use. The outsole also offers stability to make your ride efficient and premium. This outsole has been designed to provide traction on multiple terrains for non-skid and sturdy stride. These imported shoes weigh 3.5 ounces as per size 7.5 which makes them one of the most lightweight, outdoor wearing shoes in the loafers category. This style can be found in these colors: Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Hot Pink, Grey, Burgundy, White/ Black and Black.


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Karen G., from Forest, VA

I purchased 2 pair of these. One pair was the black fabric, the other white leather. They have a totally different fit. The fabric ones felt a half size small with my big toe at the end of the shoe. The leather ones are loose enough to feel like I need to wear socks, even though they are made to not wear socks. Both pair are still quite comfortable! I'm sure I will be purchasing more in the future. Although, I wish the smaller sizes came in more of the fashion colors.

Kelly, from Anna, TX

I first saw another woman on an airplane wearing these and they were super cute and looked comfy. I've since bought 2 of these in grey and navy blue and will be buying another in all black for work. As a wedding photographer, I'm on my feet running like crazy for hours. These shoes are super lightweight, super comfy and quiet when running around during the ceremony. I can't say enough good things about them. I'm also planning to buy a pair for my mom and mother in law for xmas. I now wear these all the time!!

Linda D., 61, the new 41, I hope., from North Plainfield, NJ

Having a large and wide foot (11W), so it is difficult to find shoes that fit well and do not look like I am wearing the shoebox. This style is fine for me. I purchased two pairs separately. The first one fits fine but I can always use a little extra toe room. The second pair which I believe are the same size and width are a bit wider so I am happy about that. They are great knockaround shoes and still appropriate for casual events, shopping, etc.

Christine from Cleveland, OH - USA

I am not nor have I ever been a card carrying member of the women's club "Got to Go Shopping for Shoes." Shoe Shopping is not one of my favorite things to do. Saying that to say they are giving me strong reasons to reconsider. I am a walker, and they are comfy all day long. The style is essentially the same but the colors/patterns are exciting and fun. I would love to have a pair in almost all of the patterns/colors they offer. BTW, I am still waiting for word that "Wavelength" in my size is available. Sadly, the shoes are a bit expensive if you do not catch them on sale. They are not supportive, and if you need a shoe that protects your toes, these are not the shoes to purchase. Arch support is good. Stones get caught between the grippers on the soles of the shoes. Skech without the grippers would be a nice variation of the shoe. They are not waterproof but dry quickly.

D.B, from Clinton Township, MI

I got the gray in 7 wide. Normally I wear a 6-1/2 wide but it was sold out. The 7 wide is a tad too big when barefoot but with an extra insole added they fit perfectly. Also, they fit good when I wear socks. Overall I would say these shoes are super comfy, but I wouldn't call them my best walking shoes because they don't have the good support that I need especially in the arch. I say these shoes are great for run-around town doing my chores and going out in the yard. Possibly buy another pair like these in leather.

Julie S, from Friendswood, TX

This is actually the 2nd pair I bought within just a few weeks of each other because I knew I would constantly wear them and needed a few colors. I originally bought them because I wanted just a casual slip on that provided me some cushion instead of just a flat shoe. I immediately found that these were super comfortable and made my feet feel great. The lightweight feeling is excellent and I can walk longer without having any kind of foot pain. I have recommended this shoe to everyone I know and I will definitely look into buying a few more!


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